WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone
Deliver your messages using WhatsApp Messenger now available in Windows Phone developed by WhatsApp Inc. Once this app is installed, users can start sending and receiving messages from their friends anytime and anywhere using 3G or WiFi connections. You can also send photos, share videos and voice notes with other phones for free. Furthermore, you can now fully manage you contacts and manipulate them to your liking, you can set group icons with web search as well as it is more accurate to see the last message you received or sent.
Click here to download WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone
Install WhatsApp on your Windows Mobile Phone
After we downloaded Whatsapp to your windows mobile smartphone we will now install the messenger application. In some mobile phone manufacturers WhatsApp and other apps are pre-installed on your phone. So you can skip this step if you have it pre-installed. The easiest way to do this is to use just follow the onscreen prompts. The installation will only take a few minutes. When the install in complete, you will then have a WhatsApp icon on your Windows Mobile Phone live tile. We can see the whatsapp icon beneath the online apps (click and run ). Click on it and run it. Now we will activate the application. Return to WhatsApp for Windows Mobile home.
Activating and configuring WhatsApp for Windows Mobile Phones

Now that you have downloaded and installed whatsapp successfully onto your windows mobile phone. We have one last step to complete. Here we will show you how to activate whatsapp messenger onto your windows phone.

WhatsApp will connect your contacts in your Windows Phone automatically, if they have WhatsApp Installed. You can use whatsapp messenger to connect to any whatsapp user.