WhatsApp for Blackberry
WhatsApp is the latest craze in the mobile phone arena. A smartphone messenger, WhatsApp uses the internet plan available on the phone to enable the user stay connected with friends and family. WhatsApp can be used to send messages, photos, images and other media files across different platforms. As it uses the internet on the phone to deliver messages, the user does not have to bear any additional expenses in sending the messages. Therefore, it is a free messaging service in a sense. Android based smartphones, iPhones and BlackBerry phones can download the WhatsApp Messenger to stay in touch with their family and friends. WhatsApp Messenger provides a lot more than just providing a connection between loved ones. It allows group chatting and conversations between different devices. The messenger provides multimedia services through the existing internet plan of the phone and even through Wi-Fi, if it is available. The best thing about WhatsApp Messenger is that there are no additional costs in sending messages or any type of multimedia messages irrespective of the country the contact is in. The messenger uses the contact list of the user to provide connection with friends. The service also saves messages while the user is offline or out of coverage area. Users can block the contact, form groups, broadcast the message to several contacts at the same time and share information through WhatsApp. Therefore, it is a personalized instant messaging system.
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How to Install WhatsApp for BlackBerry

WhatsApp for BlackBerry is available through the WhatsApp official website. There are certain minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled before the WhatsApp messenger can be downloaded on any BlackBerry model that are compliant with the WhatsApp messaging service. These minimum requirements are as follows:

BlackBerry OS 4.6 or above
BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) or BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)

The WhatsApp website requires the user to visit the website with the BlackBerry OS as mentioned above.

The WhatsApp website checks for the required BlackBerry OS and in case it does not detect the browser, it displays a message for the same. If the user is visiting the website with any other browser than the BlackBerry browser, the website recommends setting the "Browser Identification" to "BlackBerry".

This is available under Browser - Options - Browser Configuration - Browser: Internet Browser.

The settings must then be saved and the page be refreshed to bring in the changes. Once all formalities are complete, one can easily download the WhatsApp messenger for BlackBerry from the website, after choosing the relevant BlackBerry model.

While this is one method of installing WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry, there is another option to do the same. You can install WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry through BlackBerry App World. You can either get to the BlackBerry App World directly or through Google. In the later case, you only need to type BlackBerry App World in the browser and Google would provide the required URL. You can then follow the links and get WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry for the select model.